Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the latest aquisiton by Peninsula Trophies in the supply of trophies and awards. The crisp white finish on acrylic awards adds that little bit of class to your presentations.

Special presentations, engagements, weddings, special birthdays and those other special occasions can be etched in glass.
Wine glasses and bottles can be adorned with the messages that you wish to convey on their special day.

We will gladly engrave any bottles of still wines, providing they have a surface and shape compatible for laser work but,
please note that we will not engrave on full bottles of carbonated wines such as Champagne, Sparkling Whites & Rose etc.
Laserable Materials

We also have a wide range of Laser engravable media for signs and labels with an engraving area in access of 600mm x 400mm.
Items of some lenght can also be catered for by being able to pass them through the machine section at a time. Check with us for maximum operating width. Our bigger table area allows us to do those larger than normal jobs without out-sourcing to a third party, thus saving us time and you money.